Monday, January 29, 2007

Put it to rest

Don't you hate when someone brings something up that you thought was long over with? I think an issue has been finally buried, and dealt with a million times, and somehow there's another layer of depth in this other person's brain. Hello! Don't fabricate something that isn't there!! The issue is finished, over, and there is nothing more that needs to be done. It has been finalized too many times to count.


Also, it's almost my birthday! I'm going to be legal in the states... wonderful, since I visit the states so often.

My old band is playing a reunion show this week, but I can't be there. Sucky; it's on a thursday night, but I have an organic lab until 5 that evening. Labs are not skippable - and even if they were, there's not really any way for me to get back up here for Friday morning. So I'm missing out on the music-making. And feeling left out. Also I just really miss playing that music.

I'm also feeling bored; I don't have enough to do. R has 7 classes (smart thinkin, buddy), with 5 labs integrated in there. He has homework constantly, poor dude. I'm trying to make as positive an environment as possible for him to work... but that usually discludes me. And I only have 4.5 classes, so I am not swimming in stress as I usually am. I've been watching House... but that's going to run out, eventually. I'm just looking forward to the time a few weeks from now when I'm stressing about midterms and actually motivated to do studying other than the few menial assignments. Assignments motivate me to work, "Study this for next month" does not motivate me at all. When midterms are approaching, I'll have the motivation to sit for hours and do practice problems and study concepts and memorize equation derivations.

This is the first semester I've had in a while that I've actually had any math to do, at all. Last semester I had no math whatsoever - organic chemistry, cell biology, and natural disasters didn't have any quantitative problems. It's nice for a change to have physical chem and biochem with actual numbers, where answers are right or wrong. I missed that! It's been weird to need a calculator again. I had to buy a specific one from the bookstore (wow, UBC gets your money through everything). Unit conversions, and anal assignment-writing, where I get all my numbers all nice and even.... yesssss. I am a geek.

Gonna get moving to biochem soon. I had a nice chill Monday morning... class at 8 only for an hour. Got home, showered, had a quiet time, cleaned up the unit a bit. Lunch. Diatonic Harmony class (YES! Music!) at 1, an hour break until my next class (Intro to Biochem) at 3. I have so many nice spaces, it's unreal. And now that I live so close, I can go home and sleep again, if I want, or get my assignments done for the later classes. I always have at least 4 hours of break between my first and 2nd classes. Unreal.

Peace out.

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