Tuesday, January 16, 2007

List time!

1) I love lists

2) I'm watching House right now

3) My house kind of smells like pot, due to the forest beside my window

4) Yet I have to keep the window open because my roommates keep the house really warm

5) I went to an info session tonight about research opportunities for undergrads

6) I've barely seen R all day... just made him a tuna sandwich for lunch, but he had to leave early

7) I have the best boyfriend ever. We had the best talk yesterday and I am so much happier about many things

8) I really really really really miss music

9) I also would like to find time to scrapbook again, but that would entail finding a place to develop my pictures. Too much effort and not enough money lying around

10) I need groceries

11) I had an invertebrate lab today and I got to play with sea anemones! The BEST ever. I tried to feed some but they had already been fed by a billion students, so they were full

12) I want to take a trip to the sunshine coast, with R, since it's winter. Diversity is amazing right now, and he would love to go creature-searching with me

13) I remember 2 recent "Friday the 13th"s

14) I'm tired. Yay for 8 a.m. classes every day. I feel like a first year still... 2 years later

15) My mom has been sending me e-mails, and it's been a really nice surprise. Makes me feel loved by the ones I left at home

16) I wish I had a nice camera. A digital SLR. Would be amazing.

17) On to better things... my pillow!

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