Monday, December 17, 2007

Trying to study

ME: Come on, Tricia, just focus.

MY BRAIN: But I am SO tired.

ME: You can do it.

BRAIN: No, I really can't. I am on overload and burn-out.

ME: I know, I know. But we are almost there.

BRAIN: No we're not! You've tricked me into believing you many times in the last two weeks, but there's always another exam.

ME: This is the last exam. I promise.

BRAIN: But I know you too well... that can't be it.

ME: Well, there might be a short paper to do...

BRAIN: I knew it!!

ME: ...but then we're completely finished.

BRAIN: No, then there's packing so we can move home for the holidays, then you're going to work the day after you get there, and you have to go Christmas shopping in the 3 days before Christmas, and we're going to go to work nearly every day except Christmas day.


BRAIN: And then you're spend time with two or three parts of families, and then work more. ...


BRAIN: And then you said you might play at a church event the weekend after Christmas.

ME: yeah?

BRAIN: So aren't you asking a little too much of me?

ME: You've got it pretty easy, Brain; you should speak to back or neck or eyes... or wrists. They're all feeling a little under-the-weather from sitting at desks and staring at computer screens for two weeks.

BRAIN: Well, after you printed your cheat sheet for the last exam the same on both sides, leaving me to fend for myself on all the questions about skeletal, cardiac, or smooth muscle... I think I've performed past my requirements.

ME: But remember what the profs said about the exam tomorrow!! If we get 100% on the entire exam, they'll give us 100% in the course. Wouldn't that be amazing?

BRAIN: I don't give a **$%&#$**. Let me go to bed.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Only 2 left!

Thanks for the prayers! I am pretty sure I also passed my exam today. It was hard, though. I finished with 12 handwritten pages... the end got pretty scrawly but it was legible. My brain feels like it got run over by a truck... studying today has been pretty ineffective. Uneffective? Case in point.

My next one's Friday, then it's home for the weekend to work. Then one more exam and a paper... then I'm home free! Wow it seems like a long ways away. I also hate how grumpy I get during exam time... have to keep reminding myself that it always ends, and I always pass everything. Somehow, when I look back on the semester after it's finished, I see that I got it all done.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Rejoice with me, dear friends!

I am almost 100% positive that I did pass my biochem exam that I wrote this morning. It was not easy, and my brain was rebelling at what I crammed into it over the last 2 days, but I did remember several things. Probably enough to pass, though not with an A. Or probably even a B. But since this course is all year, I have another midterm and final to add to this one.

It's been tough to fit the study time in, what with working, and 5 other tough classes, and other labs and exams and papers, and the boyfriend, and co-leading my Core group... and you know, there's facebook... (actually I'm not that bad of a facebook junkie; but blog-reading... there is my problem. Also downloading music. My library expands every time I have to study)...

So wish me luck and send me prayers. My next exam is tomorrow morning at 8:30, so I have less than 24 hours to cram for my other hardest class. I have a lot to learn... and this one I can't fail because it actually IS the end of the class... and this exam is worth 40%. Yikes.