Monday, January 15, 2007

From the new place

It has been really really cold. I watched this one pigeon for like 10 minutes and he didn't pop his head out of his warm cocoon the entire time. We're really used to putting on gloves/toques/scarves, and there's ice everywhere. Even the snow isn't melting.

I've used R's camera a bit, since mine's gone. My family got a beautiful point-and-shoot for Christmas. It was really cheap - a really good deal for 6 mp.

I'm watching House right now. I like this show. I like it a lot. And, I can watch it while I type because of my beautiful new monitor. R got it for me for Christmas, and it's widescreen. I am very spoiled.

And two days ago R bought himself a laptop. His Dell was at the end of its lifetime, and this toshiba is wonderful. It boots up in less than 45 minutes - a luxury. It's also widescreen. He was thinking about getting a mac (or, I was thinking he should get one) , but a PC is going to be better for him and his needs. So he's really happy.

So I'm on campus! I got a place with three girls in a condo-style housing unit. I'm really happy. It's warm here, and my internet works perfectly - both through the wall and wirelessly. This proves that it was not my PC sucking at my last place, it was definitely because they bought a cheap router. Cheap Asians (if I may be so racist). It's also cheaper to live here.

And it's amazing how much time I save not traveling. I've only had to take the bus a couple times, for shopping. I have a class at 8 a.m. every day, but after that hour or hour and a half, I have at least a 4-hour break. It's amazingly efficient to come home, do some cleaning, and get crap done. That just doesn't happen when I'm stuck at school, with a limited number of books, and a limited number of places to go.

I passed organic chemistry! That in itself is a triumph. Best C+ of my life. Only C+ ever, but also the best. I'm taking the lab for it this semester, but it should be much easier.

There are so many beautiful baby pictures around on all your blogs, people - they are beautiful but they kick my ovaries into overdrive. Do me a favour and keep the pictures down until I grow up and it's somewhat reasonable to have a kid. Maybe I'll live in my own baby-less world and try and forget they exist until I know it's not a ridiculous idea. Course I might as well go blind. :o)

Been feeling a little on the failing side about some things. I feel like I've been a Christian for so long, and there are some things I should have figured out by now and be somewhat consistent on. Like, when I feel like a failure over little things, I should have a solid enough foundation in knowing my identity and status in him, that I should be able to pick up where I left off. Persistence. Since when did I lose my stubborn will? I'm so frustrated that I give up so easily and let such little things keep me from coming back right away. It's 'cause I keep feeling so unworthy to return when I failed on something so controllable. But as R reminds me, when I start "feeling worthy," I cross the line into self-righteousness. And I know that. Which is why my knowledge should kick in - of course I'm not worthy, but that's the beauty of it. Why can't I embrace that beauty?

Working on it. I think he's telling me (actually, reminding me, since it doesn't get through my thick head) that it's not my job to struggle. I take it upon myself and just struggle away, but I need to leave it up to him.

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