Monday, January 22, 2007

Rainy days at UBC

1) Make sure you use an umbrella. Or at least ridiculously-coloured gum boots.

2) Enjoy the feeling of the massive wet patch on each of your thighs (due to the up and forward motions of walking).

3) Do step in every puddle. Make sure your jeans are wet right up to your knees.

4) If you're wearing runners, make sure they have some decent-sized holes in them. Preferably on both sides, close to the sole so the water doesn't have to be deep.

5) Do walk very very very slowly, in double file, with large umbrellas, so that people in a hurry can't get past you.

6) Don't bother lifting your umbrellas, ever, so that they always clash with the space for other people's umbrellas.

7) Since UBC is also known as The Umbrella Graveyard*, do drop your broken and otherwise useless umbrella wherever you may fancy. By all means, do NOT wait to find a garbage can or any other waste receptacle.

8) Do take a sweet picture of the view from your window. Do make sure there's a car while you're taking it so that your amazing camera (or rather, your boyfriend's camera) gets all the light that passes through, headlights to taillights, with the car entirely past the intersection and not in the picture.

*Term used with permission.


Sarah said...

don't u just love sitting in a class soaking wet and having to change at least 3 times on a rainy day!

Rich said...

umm...i think you have a typo there. You said the amazing camera of your boyfriend. it should be the camera of your amazing boyfriend. Just thought id clear that up.