Monday, February 05, 2007

Happy Birthday to Me

1. It's my birthday today

2. I'm 21 now. Feeling old, but I have to be careful what crowd I'm in when I say that... yes, I know my entire life is ahead of me. I am still so young, yes.

3. I was feeling a little down, but things have picked up. Here is the story:
  • I had a great weekend; went home to Langley
  • I had a cold, felt sick all day Thursday but though I felt better Friday, my throat was raspy
  • Since I sang all Friday night at a worship leader's meeting...
  • ...and then at practice for 2 hours on Saturday afternoon...
  • ...and then screamed my lungs literally out while bowling Saturday night...
  • ...I have no voice left. Though it's better today. Yesterday there was nuthin'. And so, while leading worship, I had to restrict myself to only playing the keyboard and not singing. At all. It's so hard for me not to sing, but it was at the point of pain. Which implied damage to my pipes. Something I don't want to happen.
  • My parents hosted a food party at my house Saturday, a drop-in essentially for everybody. Some people were greatly missed, either couldn't make it or had to drop out last minute, but I got to hang out with some great old friends that I never see, some great friends' parents, and my sister, brother, and sister-in-law.
  • Then Sunday, since I was at church essentially from 7 until 12:30, I was exhausted. Wiped out completely; slept through half the superbowl (got made fun of by R's family, of course). My dad even came to R's house to watch it on the big screen.
  • Ate lots of food.
  • Got more cake and more gifts, even though nobody was supposed to get me anything...
  • So what could be disappointing, you say??
R and I were gonna go for dinner and a movie tonight, to celebrate with each other on the actual day. I'm the kind of geek that's a sentimentalist at heart (very, very, very deep down) and I really like doing things on the actual day... as much as I can say we can celebrate on other days, it really feels more special to me on the day of.

However, we both forgot that he has a lumber grading course tonight... until 9:00. No problem, I thought... he could come over after and we could just watch a flick on my widescreen monitor. I'll get some homework done, that way, and maybe make a shopping trip on my own to exchange a shirt, before he gets there. It would even kind of be a relief, to not take a whole night out the week before midterms (I'm just starting to feel stressed).

I was shocked and surprised when R said he probably wouldn't be coming over at all!!!! See, his reasoning was that we could postpone it, since he was really looking forward to going out with me (haha, role reversal! Usually that's me), and do it another night this week. But I didn't really understand that he meant to do it another night, and I nearly died at the prospect of not even SEEING my boyfriend, that lives on the same street as me, on the day of my birthday!! And it's not like I really saw much of him during my party. I was flitting between people, trying to make sure everyone was comfortable and not awkward. You know that pressure - "Does everybody here know at least somebody else they can talk to??"

So before I got bummed out, I called a good friend of mine on campus, to see if she had plans. Maybe she'd do homework with me, or watch some chick flick, or just go get dinner with me.

But no answer from her sent me into the depths of despair and loneliness.

I recovered decently when she phoned, saying she had ringette practice but she'd love to go get all-you-can-eat sushi after, with me and her bf (at like 9:30). So I was excited. Yaaaay, I found someone who could deal with my desperation! And now her practice is canceled, so she's gonna come shopping with me. I think that means no late-night sushi, but we'll go grab some food for dinner somewhere.

So I'm less depressed, particularly because I learned the essential fact that R wants to do something another night... it just takes me a while to recover when I was hoping to see him on my actual birthday. Cuz I don't need a whole extra night out... it might be more of a stress than a help.

Adjustments, right?

End of story.

3. Ed got me flowers yesterday, as he promised he would a month ago for my birthday, since I kept supplying him with painkillers from my ever-equipped purse.

4. R and his mom bought me a pile of wonderful scrapbooking stuff* from Costco. Wow, can you ever get a lot of stuff there for miles cheaper than any other place. I have more paper and ribbon and punches than I could ever need.

5. My bro and sis-in-law got me a shirt that didn't fit super well... so I exchanged it yesterday and got two shirts (one nice one and an undershirt for it) and a loonie back. I'm very happy with the fit and the dark green colour. Also with the loonie back. Also, it's a clothing line where I am a small... talk about an esteem-booster!!

6. My sister got me a shirt as well, that I have to exchange today. There are some shirts that are just not made for large boobs. Though the colour was beautiful, and the cut is nice on a hypothetical woman.

7. I'm looking forward to my invertebrate lab tomorrow.

8. I'm almost finished my three seasons of House. What am I going to waste my time with next?

9. I think this post is long enough. Time to get busy; I have class in 20 minutes anyways. I'll take a picture tonight of my shirt, if I can. I'm that pleased with it. And so cheap.

*Changed from "cheap" by boyfriend's request

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