Saturday, November 25, 2006

I'm running out of coffee beans

So I was totally gonna cheat, honestly... I was going to write like three posts and date and time them as to when I originally wanted to write about them. But I can't do it; and by now those events have passed so much that I probably only have a sentence each about everything.

I got poisoned by the water last week. I woke up Thursday morning after a crappy, stomachache-y night, and I puked up anything I might have eaten (I had drunk/drank/drinked much water to try and calm my unsettled stomach, figuring that water was one thing my body couldn't rebel against). I still had to get to my 8 am class to hand in an assignment, but then I went home and slept all day. And then I woke up and heard about the warning. R had told me, as any good caretaker or mother would say, "Drink lots of water/fluids, and sleep." So he found out about this water warning and panicked, figuring he had helped me to poison myself even further. But really I didnt even listen to that part of his advice; I just slept. It was a nice sleep, but not a lot of homework got done that day.

Then the next night, I went out with the girls from my CORE and watched PRIDE AND PREJUDICE!! Yaaah the old version with the wonderful Colin Firth. Unfortunately, it was 5 hours, a fact that I had forgotten. Me in my weakened no-solid-food-yet state, had trouble stayin awake. But I managed because of the amazing Austen plot and the Firth face.

This week there's a Christmas banquet that R has graciously agreed to attend with me; even though it is semi-formal. Yesss!! A reason to wear a dress and finally look girly for once, in between the sweat pants and the no makeup ever and the glasses every day. I'm proud of him for going to hang out with a bunch of girls he doesn't know. He always surprises me, pleasantly, cuz I asked with no hope whatsoever. I tend to underestimate his desire to be with me, which is AWESOME. I have the best boyfriend ever. Things are looking up very much.

And! Probably the best part of my week... yesterday a friend took me to a specialty bra store in Van that has real sizes of bras for real people. I have this problem, that I need a decent-sized cup but they don't supply it very often in a band size small enough for me... a 32, to be exact. And I went to a place to get fitted, and I got fitted well - with a $115 item. I can't spend that on a bra that I wear under my shirt, even if my shirts look better because of it.
So my friend with the same issue found this place where they're nice and cheaper, but still quality. And now I have an amazing proper fit - you have no idea. No times during the day where I have to pull anything up or push anything back in, and it just holds me up nicer, even making them look smaller and making me look thinner and my back doesn't hurt so bad and I even found out that in the summer they carry swimsuits and then maybe I can get a halter top that won't kill my neck or even just something that I can wear half-modestly that actually looks not like a granny bathing suit and I love run-on sentences and I'm sorry for the very personal nature of this paragraph but you have NO IDEA how much happier I am! Unless of course you have the same problem, in which case I would recommend this store - couldn't find it on the net, so you won't have any luck either unless you have a lot more googling skill than I do. It's called Change, and it is a tiny place on W Broadway at Macdonald, and it's the only place I've found that has many styles that pair E or F cups with band sizes smaller than 38 or 40 inches. I'm not huge around; my ribcage is actually small. Which encourages me, in the middle of winter when all I've been doing is eating. I feel much more confident. And more pain-free and less like I'm gonna get caught in the act of pulling up my bra in a very unladylike way.

And now I have something proper to wear under the dress for the banquet. Yessss.

Gotta run; I'm at home after my dad's jazz band played a coffeeshop concert for their cd release party tonight. Now my sister and her friend have arrived and I want to see her and chat. So later.

**Added later: At least because of my sickness I got out of my regular coffee-every-morning rut. And now I don't get headaches later in the day if I haven't had a coffee in the morning. So I'm going to try and keep the morning coffees down... only for treats. Especially because they prolly make me fatter. This will also be good because I'm runnin out of the beans I won. And I'm too cheap to buy good ones like the ones I'm used to now**

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