Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Illegal entry

I'm in R's wood building, in the computer lab. I'm totally not allowed to be in here, because I am NOT a wood products processing student. But that is a-ok.

I sat at home almost all day today. It was wonderful. My sleep-in morning of the week.

EXCEPT for the 8 am wrong number phone call. I HATE everybody that phones me looking for "Ayla." It's a new phone, for crying out loud! I was so polite at first but now I just hang up. I even get messages for her... I mean hello, my answering machine message says my name in it. It may sound like many things, but it does not sound like Ayla. I am not Ayla.

*sigh*. Takes up my minutes, which are better spent elsewhere.

Wrote an online quiz, and it crashed, and my benevolent instructor allowed me to write another one. So I had to come to campus. Hence the illegal computer lab.

I have nothing really of interest to write about. I went trick-or-eating last night, and I dressed up as a lumberjack. I had a beard. It was pretty sweet, and apparently convincing. I wore work boots that were 7 sizes too big for me, which was also fun. I love clomping around in big shoes; it's an excuse to make noise and have people laugh at you. Excellent.

Good luck to the NaBloPoMo'ers out there. Nov. 1... only 29 days left to go.

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Angella said...

Matthew took wood products manufacturing at BCIT :)