Monday, July 31, 2006

Honestly... work is boring.

I lost my new stapler. It was really disappointing, and completely my own fault. I had to file some papers by my supervisor's desk, and since he never has a stapler around, I brought my own to staple the papers over there. Unfortunately I forgot it there. A couple of hours later I returned to get it, and it had migrated to the inner parts of his desk. His old stapler, now rejected, sat at the edge of the desk. He knew mine was better, and he took it.

So my new one is not bad - definitely in working order, not like the first one I had. But still ... I miss the smoothness of my amazing stapler. I will always remember it. I should've taken a picture so I could make a personal memorial.

In other news, I went to that ladies night at R's church. Lots of ladies I don't really know (or actually know at all), but two did show up that I had known pretty well at my previous church. I had played on a worship team with one of the ladies over the years, and lo and behold! she was on the team for Sunday (yesterday). On my current kick of looking for ways to get involved, I jumped right in and played with them for the morning services.

And it was so good. I missed doing that so much - it's such a way for me to connect with God, even, and I hope and pray that I can help at all to draw the congregation into his presence, because it's AMAZING. If anyone feels half of what I feel when I'm up there worshipping, then God uses us. I have personally discovered that God doesn't necessarily ensure that we FEEL his presence all the time... that we have to just remember that he's nearby and sometimes he give us a dry phase... but BOY is it a relief when he pours it over you after one of those dry spells. Really makes me appreciate what I have in my saviour. That's probably why he does it, too - if I start taking him for granted he reminds me why I can't possibly continue that way.

Played with another lady who's a wonderful musician. She has been on some of Brian Doerkson's recordings, and I had heard of her before I found out she went to the same church as I did. At the end of the 2nd service the church was doing a "house of prayer" experiment, playing some worship songs and allowing people to remain in silent prayer. The other lady went to the keyboard spontaneously, and I was playing the grand (an amazing piano - gosh I want a grand at home!). We got carried away, way beyond any music in front of us. We just transitioned between old songs for a long time; she would think of one, and then I would - all the while just playing. We have similar playing styles. Man, I love God's presence.

So, that was a good experience. I met the interim pastor now, and I'm sure I'll meet more people as a result, even though the church was empty this week. The youth were all away at Creation (lucky sister I have!). Probably doing it again Aug. 27.

R's family wasn't there, because they had a baseball tournament. Sweetie pie R missed one of the games and came to see me :D We went after church to the last game and his team one first in the entire tournament. Probably because his whole family was playing, of course... Could've been just as well that his family wasn't there, though. All I hear from them about the musicians is criticism and making fun... not his mom so much, but the rest of them. R too, though he'd never do that about me.

His grandparents were there, though - and they came to the 2nd service - the "young" service. Wonder if I was a little too liberal for their taste. Ahh well, that's not what it's about, right?

Still hating UBC for the hassles I'm going through. Job's going well, the food I had for lunch today was so good. Mom made a stew yesterday in the crock pot. Thank goodness for the occasional home-cooked meal!

Also went to a wedding shower for a friend of mine (2 weeks away!). It was a lingerie shower... very risque. Very fun, too. Those are some good girls.

Gotta get off my lunch. I can't wait to go to sleep tonight. It was a long weekend - worship practice saturday morning for 3 hours, wedding shower, then R's grandma's birthday get-together. Many relatives, very fun and relaxing. Sunday was up early for church, then baseball, then we lay around R's house with the fam.

God stuff is on the up-side.

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The Dykstra's said...

you need to attach some sort of chain or rope to your stapler and your desk. Have a lock too, so you can take it where you need to if be... maybe a beeper for when you loose it... you can follow the beeps to get it back.