Wednesday, July 26, 2006


I have a confession to make. This week, I became the dreaded person at the office... the stapler-stealer.

Now let me explain. I have my own stapler to begin with, as does everyone else in the office at their individual desks. However, my stapler was "the crappy one." You know the type.

There is one communal stapler by the fax machine, that works amazingly well. Smooth, consistent stapling - gliding downward with a satisfying 'pop' instead of 'clank.' So... last week... I made the switch.

I didn't think anybody really noticed; if they did, they didn't mention it or come find it on my desk. It's now been 5 work days. I justify the action by remembering that everyone has a stapler already. If they REALLY want, they can take papers to their desk and staple. Not fair if they all get nice ones and I don't. But "the crappy one" will suffice for the few times it is used communally.

There was a slight scare from two days ago when the communal stapler disappeared for a day... I worried that mine would be repossessed. But I am still safe. The stapler reappeared. My new nice one, by the way, is a "rapid" stapler.

Everyone told me, before I started the job, to hide my stapler and protect it from the stapler-stealers of the office. I feel like I'm breaking every societal rule I ever learned - going against my upbringing. But the payoff is wonderful. Looks like everyone else I work with will have to watch out.

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