Monday, July 24, 2006


I'll say it up front - my reason for a blog is so that I can post comments on others' blogs. See, I too have a secret. Thanks to J's wonderful blog, I now have regular pages that I like to read up on. It passes the break time at work, that's for sure. Several times I've wanted to comment to her or her hubby about somethin-or-other but they want me to be not anonymous. So here I am. Not anonymous.

I did have another blog once. Unfortunately, I followed rule #11 much too well, and as a result was forced to also follow #5, giving me no way to post comments.

And, conveniently, this week happened to have time to set one up. With the man workin nights this week I have a lot more time on my hands. I know it'll disappear in a heartbeat, but right now I have a whole 4 days stretching ahead of me with only a couple of things scheduled after work. R worked his first night shift last night; poor guy drove us all home from the Pearl Jam concert Saturday night at the Gorge (Amazing concert!), and we got home at 4:30. The reason we had to drive all the way in the one night was that he had to be at his church to do powerpoint... at 8 am. And then work Sunday night. That kinda sucked, he wasn't looking forward to it.

But, true to form - just as I expected, I might add - he had a great rockin' time with the city workers. They went to the beach, and painted 64th Ave. In such a good mood that he called me this mornin as I woke up and asked me if I wanted to meet him for coffee before work :D Aww, what a sweetie... it's nice to have someone like to be with me as much as I like being with him. So much so that a whole night is VERY VERY long to be apart.

The concert was awesome... though they recorded the daytime temperature in the Gorge at 116 degrees. R and I being geeks that we are, calculated on the phone that it was FORTY-SEVEN degrees celsius. That's why it was so hot. I nearly died. Getting out of the car immobilized me, literally.

So there it is, folks. Don't bother to link to me; I'm sure I won't be keeping it updated at all. Maybe occasionally. At this point my poor home computer doesn't want to be turned on in the daytime (due to the afore-mentioned heat wave). It makes this massive hum that rises in pitch until I'm so scared it'll explode that I turn it off. I usually have about enough time to check one e-mail address... and then I don't turn it on until later at night. Work, however, is very well air-conditioned . . . :D

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