Saturday, April 21, 2007

Top 10 Things I have learned about studying, in order of increasing importance

  1. The only way a boyfriend can be a good study buddy is if I look like I'm about to have a nervous meltdown. If I look panicked enough, he'll leave me in silence. Otherwise, every 30 seconds is a question about his own work, or a "Hey, did you know..." tidbit from his studies or his Time magazine. Very much distracts me and breaks up any concentration I may have had.
  2. Msn does not help me study, whether I'm talking to someone from my class or not. Facebook also does not help.
  3. Blogs do not help me study.
  4. Music must be off. My brain is no longer sharp enough to concentrate with music. Even classical is a stretch. Anything else I realize I'm just bellowing at the top of my lungs and meanwhile reading the same paragraph over and over.
  5. My brain is much duller than it used to be. I can no longer study only the day before. My memory is not what it used to be.
  6. Chemistry is not my friend. It may pose, but it's not my friend.
  7. If you want to study in science, be prepared... Psychology is really Biology, Biology is really all chemistry, Chemistry is essentially physics and Physics is all Calculus.
  8. Sometimes I just have to start. Dreading the beginning of a new subject doesn't get me anywhere. Also, learning a lesson about procrastination doesn't mean I will remember the lesson.
  9. Watching stupid episodes of the O.C. do not help me study in the least.
  10. Most importantly: when studying for 18 hours straight in the same chair, I will never again wear underwear with elastic around the bum. This causes much pain and a deep, deep elastic-rubbed crease. This is the most important lesson I can share with anyone.

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Dan-o said...

I'm going to take something away from this... Thank you for warning me against studying and cross dressing.