Wednesday, March 14, 2007

It's sunny today

I love springtime. I'm already thinking about shorts and tanks that I'll be comfortable in soon.

Watching Lost tonight probably, with R! Yaaaaaay. We're nearly caught up to what they're playing now on tv... and then we're going to have to wait and watch it weekly. So we will be addicted, and Wednesday nights will be another opportunity for me to see and spend an hour with R. Because he may be too busy for me, but he won't be too busy for me and Lost together.

Today was productive. I went grocery shopping after my first class then came home and cleaned my place. There's a room inspection tomorrow... and I swear, none of my roommates ever bother to clean the bathrooms or the kitchen. They'll do their dishes, or try and appear like they've done some cleaning, but they really haven't. So I cleaned both bathrooms, including the grungy shower/tub, and the kitchen, and mopped all of the floors. So hopefully they'll appreciate it and keep it that way, at least until tomorrow. And maybe someone will take the hint and vacuum the living room.

Looks like I'm probably coming home again this weekend, which means I can't go with my invertebrate lab on the field trip to the aquarium. That's kind of sad; I love the aquarium, and it would be awesome to go through and hear about my favourite organisms from someone who knows a lot about them. But I guess you win some and lose some.

Comin up next month is our 2 year dating anniversary, R and I. That seems like quite a milestone. Last year we went out for a fancy dinner (with a coupon; but I even wore a dress), and then to the orpheum for a concert - a tribute to mozart. It was amazing. I wonder what we're going to do this year. I kind of feel like maybe I should plan something... but at the same time, I feel like I'd love for him to take me out, again. I feel like I've stepped up to the plate a lot this year, and most if not all of our "dates" are initiated by me and decently (at least half) funded by me. And we agreed at the beginning of this year that we'd be making more time for dates during the school year... but this semester he's been so busy. I almost feel like he owes me a real date, where he takes me out, because I am being such a supportive gf and allowing him to be so busy without me; at the same time, I know it's not really his fault. I'd just really like a date. He even has coupons for a free movie still - anything, as long as he takes me and I get to sit and worry about nothing. And feel like he likes to be with me.

Maybe this post is a test to see how often he checks up on me. Hear that, babe? ;)

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