Friday, March 09, 2007


So R and I have reached a new level in our relationship. He picked a booger out of his own nose and stuck it in my mouth. This was despite my sense that it was coming, and despite my very serious use of his full name. I guess when you really love each other... you just really want to share. Or the little boy in him can't resist asking for that wide-eyed, open-mouthed shock that so often appears on my face. If we're this retarded already, how am I supposed to defend myself ten years from now? It'll be toe jam, or bellybutton lint, or massive balls of collected dandruff. There's no telling what he may come up with.

I'm going home this weekend. Going to hang out with my sister, and visit my brother and his wife in their new house! Going to play at a worship service with some very old very good friends, like a band reunion. I am way excited about playing with them; we don't practice, we just get on stage and we breathe the same music. It's an amazing experience that I can never describe to someone who hasn't experienced it. I could worship as a group like that for hours; I'm really looking forward to being refreshed by God through it. I really have to get into something like that again, because my soul feels like it's diving into an ice-cold lake on a hot day. Going for months - even years, maybe - without that, when I know what I'm missing out on, is discouraging. So I am excited!

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