Wednesday, October 11, 2006

All settled in

So it gets to be R's birthday (boy look at that good-lookin 20-year-old on the right there, eh? Barely in the picture). This is his party, his roommates and a couple old friends from high school. They made 2 massive pots of kraft dinner (what a surprise) and drank some beer. All in all a good birthday party.

In keeping with the theme, I somehow managed to add to the beer-ness of the night in my desire to get R a cake. I bused out to kits, arrived at Diary Queen hoping to be able to bring the cake back without it melting (and hoping it'd be a reasonable price). What did I find?? First one I looked at, I knew it was for Rich. When I was buying it, the guy asked me if I wanted stuff written on it! For free!! What service.


It was a hit. Ice cream cake can never go wrong.

So we've been settling into life out here pretty well. It's been busy at points, in the middle of midterms right now. Due to my class choice (or lack thereof), I'm taking a first-year course online. This leaves me with Wednesday entirely free of classes, and Mondays and Fridays I'm only in class for an hour. Tuesdays and thursdays are pretty intense, but I'm not feeling overwhelmed at all because of these free days. Wednesday, of course, is "homework day," which means I clean my house and procrastinate and write and read blogs. And listen to music, and study off and on. I have cable now, too, so tv is tempting. Rich has a much busier class schedule, due to his labs etc., but since he spends so much less time outside of class doing his work, we've been seeing each other decently enough.

I really haven't buckled down yet... had a midterm but I think it went well, so I have false confidence. All except for organic chemistry, where I have such a knot of dread in my stomach that I can't even study. 2 midterms next week. Been going home pretty much every weekend for something or other, church or birthdays or thanksgiving.

Food was good! Pumpkin pie is awesome.

My house is so comfy; I love having my own space. My bathroom is awesome because it's my own. Unfortunately (and unexpectedly) it is pink-themed! Never thought it would come to this.

I suck at blogging. Anyway, these are some bathroom pictures. The sunlight is SO nice today. We have had the most wonderful weather; have only had to walk in the rain once since I've moved out here. It's getting chilly, but the streets are beautiful. First started my walks to the bus at 7 a.m. saying, "Wow, what a beautiful sunrise!" And now I say, "Wow, that's a nice full moon." Always surprises me, every year, how quickly it begins to darken.

Went tanning today, so I'm not so worried about the lack of endorphins. Vitamin D all the way! I got a coupon, so I figured it'd be free... but given that our society never gives anything for free, I had to pay for eyewear and also for lotion because apparently mine was inappropriate, as it would clog up the acrylic material of the tanning beds?? Does that sound like a hoax? So I ignored the "cheap" $44.50 bottle, and got a sampler one that should last me for as long as my free tans last. It was sure nice to sleep in today and then just take a bus ride in the sun.

My house, and some of the wonderful sunlight I see on my way to or from the bus stop (when it's not dark).

I'm gonna write more later, just randomly. This is a good way to procrastinate. I should get back to the studying, seeing as this is my only chance for a while.

Tomorrow is classes all day, then an info session about Biology co-op. Friday I'm taking R out (after my class) as a remnant of his birthday, but ALSO to celebrate our 1.5 years of dating. A year and a half, already! We're going to head to Capilano Suspension Bridge, and the treetop adventure. To do that, we have to take the seabus - a new and wonderful experience for R, which is why I chose it, of course. Then home Friday night to practice and do worship Sunday, then back up to study for Tuesday's 2 midterms.

The worst part (and the best) is that I'm reading an AWESOME book - Mansfield Park, by Jane Austen. I love classic novels, I just wish I'd started it after midterms.

Peace out

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