Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Another book... and excitement about leaving.

Just finished The Apprenticeship of Duddy Kravitz, by Mordecai Richler. I've heard of the author, and he was regaled on the back of the cover as a comedy writer, but the story was sad. One of those ones where the main character doesn't realize how he's been driven by ambition and twisted his life to disclude what's important. Always makes me look at my own life and double-check. I don't feel like I'm living with as much joy and excitement as I could be, and am always always open to more peace.

Speaking of excitement!! I'm getting excited about school!! All my classes are set this semester except for one now (the main one I need... but I simply must get in so I won't worry about it). I'm gonna be living on my own. I'll miss Karissa, and I'm sure I'll probably miss my whole house - but honestly, I don't really eat at home much at all anymore. That would be the main thing I'd miss, and it's non-consequential if the last year has been any indication. Lol, how awful! Mainly missing food. Just kidding. But seriously.

I'm going to be so near Rich, too. Yaaaaaay. I would have died if he had gone without me all the way to Vancouver!! Even this week and next he has no vehicle (not re-insuring) and I'm the one driving. I'd be hooped if I was here and had to drive to see him in Vancouver.

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