Friday, October 26, 2007


So, I've been told my whole life by certain people that I'm an angry person... and I'll admit, I've got some anger issues. Most people wouldn't tell you that right off the bat, because I don't come across as some ball of fury or whatever and generally seem pretty happy and cheerful.

I've always warned R, however, that I tended towards anger as a form of defense... and he always disagreed with me. Told me people that told me I was angry were just projecting their perceptions onto me... It was kind of nice to hear that.

But the other day he mentioned that he noticed that my anger just kinda goes in cycles... at one thing, then another, then a third thing... then back to the first thing.

Stupid psychology... what happened to the good old days when not everyone had issues? It feels like such a self-centred world right now... everyone needs to discover themselves, and undergo therapy, and "deal with underlying issues" of resentment or whatnot... I guess I was hoping I wouldn't be one of those people. Not that I'm judging anyone.

So it makes me sad... He's very accepting and supportive and whatever, but I'm just sad that he has to deal with that broken part of me when I was hoping that some of those issues were resolved.

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Kimmie Rae said...

I know what you mean about the self-centered world! lol... I'm in a personal development class where all we do is evaluate our selves and all of our crap! Oh my... it's more than a little overwhelming... which is why I think counseling should be free... everyone needs it after all!
Good to hear from you! Say hi to all your family from me! And give your sister a big hug from me!