Wednesday, October 17, 2007

I'm starting my new job!!

So I have to get to Surrey so many times it's not even funny. He wanted me to come in on three consecutive weekdays for training... and I'm like, uhh, pardon? Did he forget that I have classes every day and that I live at UBC?

So I'm going in Saturday/Sunday/Tuesday combos for the next three weekends. I'm going to die. First of all, the hours: 6am-1pm Sat/Sun, 3-10pm Tuesday nights. So I'm going to have to get someone to drive me to city hall at 6 a.m. on weekends, and somehow get back to Vancouver after 10pm on a Tuesday. I'm considering insuring my car... if I'm making more $ I could maybe afford it, but what I really need to be buying is a laptop. Or just food and stuff.

So I'm going to be exhausted. I've got a midterm this Friday and a massive lab report (from a 3-week lab) due on Monday... meaning I won't be getting much of the lab done before the midterm, so it'll all be on the weekend. Also sucky is that I have to be home for the entire weekend. There's no way I can get work done at home. Not only am I on my sister's comp (which doesn't have EXCEL! OH NO!) but it's in the living room. And there is no way that my family can stay away from me ... I'm a delectable target for conversation simply because I'm home. I've GOT to figure out how to find a computer that I can work on.

And then working Tuesday, I'm going to miss the review class for my midterm NEXT week, on the Thursday... so feeling screwed. And since I'm feeling screwed, I'm blogging.

At least I'll be making some decent money for once in my life. Around $24/hour? Really excited for that to show up in my account.

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