Friday, May 11, 2007

So I went back to my old job

What's different:

  1. I got a raise! ($1.50!!)
  2. I have a new desk neighbour who's much friendlier and more talkative than my last one.
  3. I have no stapler. Very sad.
  4. I have no phone (good and bad... good because less responsibility, but I think my supervisor's getting one for me soon)
  5. There's construction everywhere, and our street is now a one-way, full of pylons and dirt and gravel. I have to take 2 detours to get to work and I have to double-park in our shrinking parking lot. We have to have vehicle ID tags in case someone who's boxed in has to leave.
  6. I have a corkboard now instead of shelves (good for all the papers on my desk, bad for where I can put my binders of product info)
  7. We have new warehouse locations, new procedures, new prices, new products - many things to learn.
  8. I have a cool little "office organizer" - you know, the black wire mesh things - for my pen (singular) and pencil (again singular) and paper clips and white-out and sticky notes. There are too many empty compartments. I have to find some more office supplies just to fill out the organizer a little bit.
  9. A new fax machine!! The 6 works the first time I press it!! Every time!!
  10. I'm trying to drink more water at my desk.
  11. A new monitor! Flat screen, no more big clunky old one.
  12. My computer is slower than I remember. They sure spared no expense. My order entry skills seem tainted because I have to wait for the computer to catch up with ME.

What's the same:

  1. It's still freezing. A/C is my friend, but I think they overdo it a little bit. Walking out the door requires shedding 3 layers of sweaters.
  2. It's still boring.
  3. Shipping details are still what mess me up the most.
  4. We still have weekly meetings.
  5. Morning coffee is still free!
  6. Order entry is still boring.
  7. I'm at the same desk in the same corner by the IT door so the poor guy has to go around my chair anytime he goes in the IT room.
  8. I still dressed up nicely for the first day, and came the second day as per usual, without makeup.
  9. Everyone else is still super nice, though a few new people have come and a few old people are gone.
  10. Did I mention it's still boring?
  11. My feet are cold.
  12. McDonald's is still nearby... so I'm still always tempted... packing a lunch is still boring and there's still no food at my house with which to do it. I've held out so far.

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