Tuesday, May 01, 2007

"My Personality Album"

In moving home, I am doing some sorting. I found a little booklet that I filled out when I was thirteen. I found it funny to read what I wrote and see how small I dreamed. It was called "My Personality Album." Spelling/grammar is retained.

  • The nickname that best describes me is snigelfritz.
  • Three words that describe my personality are easily angered, organized and artsy, talkative (I'm not good at keeping to three words, am I?)
  • My most appealing physical feature is my eyes.
  • What makes me an interesting person is you can never be sure of what I'm going to do, and I have lots of useful (or useless) facts.
  • Three things that drive me nuts are pimples, being embarrassed, and bad-hair-days. (I think I only got about 1 zit per year, and yet I complained?)

  • The qualities I value most in my friendships are fairness, the ability to have fun, and that they accept me.
  • The times I most need a friend are when I'm embarrassed, sad, or just plain lonely.
  • What my friends and I enjoy doing together most is talking and listening to music, or art. (listening to art? wow, grammar is good)
My family
  • How I feel about my parents: Sometimes they have too many rules and expect too much of me, but I love them.
  • Two famous people I'd pick for parents are my mom and dad's names (I didn't exactly go outside of the box there)
  • My siblings' best qualities are: my brother is kind and helpful, and my sister is kind and sensitive.
  • They drive me crazy when they tease me or leave my room messy.
Party time
  • My idea of a great party is going to play laser tag or going horse-back-riding.
  • The guy I'd like most to be my date is Darnell
  • Famous guests I'd like to invite: Jaci Velasquez, DC Talk, Newsboys, Carl Brenders
  • What I'd serve: Pop, pizza, nachos, cheezies, mini carrots, oreo ice-cream cake.
  • My favourite rock group is DC Talk
  • The three songs that mean the most to me are Wanna be in the Light, Time is..., Jesus Freak
  • My favourite female singer is Jaci Velasquez
  • My favourite male singer is Phil (Newsboys)
  • My favourite album is Jesus Freak
  • My favourite single cut is Wanna be in the Light
  • I think the most talented musician in the world is Jaci Velasquez because she is the best singer I've ever heard.
School Days
  • The best part about going to school is all the people
  • The worst part is The HOMEWORK!!!!!
  • My favourite subject is Explorations (this is a shocker, considering it's a mix of socials/English and I'm definitely NOT an arts student now)
Free Time
  • My favourite indoor activity is DRAWING to music.
  • My favourite outdoor activity is street hockey.
  • How I keep busy: Reading, drawing, homework, listening to music, chores, telephone, Nintendo
  • My favourite thing to do during summer vacation is Swim in a lake with Dad, Bro, Sis, and Mom
Dreams and Wishes
  • My secret wish is to become like Jaci Velasquez and be an artist and vet.
  • Two things I would grab if my room caught fire are my wallet and my Bible. (ever practical with the wallet idea)
  • How I'd make my first million: My first Maxi Single. (??)
  • How I'd spend my first millioni: Debts, colleges, keep most, half to missions.
  • These are the things I'd buy on a free-spending shopping spree: Art supplies, gift certificates, never-ending supply of gifts, cd's, discman, clothes
  • The two best gifts anyone could give me would be love, opportunities
  • The two worst gifts anyone could give me would be underwear, textbooks (now I WISH my textbooks could be given to me! What was I thinking?!)
  • The things I would take to a desert island are survival books, matches, an axe
  • A conversation I'd love to overhear would be about my gifts - ie. Art, drama, music, etc. (wow, I was sure humble?)
  • The title of a book I'd like to write is The Story of My Life (boring book, boring title)
  • The menu for the best meal I can imagine is Pizza, veggies, smokies, cheezies, 7-up, chips (hmm... best meal ever? Again, I sure dreamed big)
Let's get serious
  • The best part of my life now is school and youth.
  • the most difficult problem that faces me now is how to grow in my relationship with Christ.
  • The part of me that nobody knows is that I sometimes wonder what sex is like (this was a terrible burden of a secret for a sheltered 13-year-old... I felt horrible just admitting that I wondered! Gotta love growing up in guilt and fear)
  • This is what I expect to be doing in ten years: Be going through University, and going on Missions Trips (The university part is on track; two years from now I'll be graduating, hopefully)
  • A recurring dream I have is Claire's dad keeps dying (he hasn't died yet, as far as I know)
  • My earliest childhood memory is mom or dad trying on a dress on me and saying that it's too big.
  • Two words that describe my love life are adoring and young. (??)
  • The three most important words in the English language are love, life, and food. (hahahahahhahaa... yep it was still me way back then!)
  • My favourite pick-me-up when I'm sad is music and hugs.
The end.

All of that talk about art and drawing reminded me how much I liked it way back when. And I also came across this drawing, that I drew when I was ten. Now as much as I don't want to toot my own horn, here, I don't think I could draw this kind of thing now. Obviously I copied from a picture, as I usually do, but don't get me wrong - I was not a tracer. I am a firm believer in not tracing.

So I was impressed with myself. Ten is young. Makes me wonder why I didn't pursue it. All because of my tiny school where you had to choose between art and music. Stinking choices.

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Teresa said...

Wow, that picture is amazing! You should take up drawing again.