Friday, December 01, 2006

Last day of classes

Thank the Lord for small blessings.
I need a coffee.
I might go with a bunch of friends to Body World today.
I'm going to see all sorts of plasticized bodies.
Maybe it'll creep me out...
...but probably not, 'cause I love stuff like that.
And we're gonna go out for dinner.
But I'm feeling like I need to not spend any money.
And Body World costs $17 ... that's a lot of smackaroos.
That I could be spending on dinner.
So somehow I want to not go out for dinner.
But these friends seem like they want to do something with us.
And dinner is usually part of our evenings together.
Which is totally cool, and they're cool.
I just feel like my funds are running low, with Christmas approaching.
I've been working on organic chemistry today.
I came to one class - a tutorial - at 9 am.
It was only an hour.
Then I went and bought R some bread to bring to his place for lunch.
But I came to the computer lab until he is done class.
And worked on Organic Chemistry that Sucks More Than Anything.
And it's an hour after his class was supposed to end and he hasn't called me yet.
Which sucks more today cuz we had a great time last night (sarcasm).
We went to the Christmas banquet.
And had a nice fight after.
Or more like an emotional breakdown on my part,
Where he is not quite sure how to react.
And I end up getting mad at the way he does or doesn't react.
Or something like that.
Generally me getting upset over many things, justified and not justified.
The banquet was fun; food was good.
But it also cost money.
Hence me not wanting to go out for dinner again.
Also, I was planning on paying for dinner next time his parents took us to White Spot.
They take us there all the time
and make cracks about us not paying
and it's finally gotten to me.
I determined last time that the next time we went,
as long as it was just the immediate family,
I was going to sneak the bill and Rich and I would split it after.
Rich agreed very reluctantly, but I'll pay for it if he won't.
I know once won't mean much to them,
and they don't actually care - it's their choice to take us out all the time,
But I feel bad.
I eat their food all the time.
And yes, I'm a starving student,
which is their rationale,
but they really take us out a lot.

They're planning to come visit us Sunday and take us out,
which adds to my monetary stress of today.
I need some groceries too,
But I think I'll just stay at home tomorrow and eat like, packaged soups
or Kraft Dinner
all the packaged food I have stocked up for emergencies but don't actually ever eat.

So I'm going to keep writing until he calls, because I am tired of chemistry.
And I'd rather do it later.
But be warned,
because I can type quickly
And I have many thoughts.
So unless he calls soon
there will be a large large number of words in the post.
Oh yeah, I left my camera on a bus.
It's lost forever; someone lifted it I'm sure.

It was sucky, because I was carrying too many things;
I was bringing R's laundry (freshly cleaned and folded c/o Tricia Enterprises) in a duffel bag
Back to school for him.
And my backpack.
And I had my camera in my backpack because I had been stuck without it for the whole snowstorm.
But I went a different direction on my street than usual,
and a row of beautiful trees were all broken to pieces
massive branches strewn all over the road,
covered in snow.
The trees looked naked enough without their leaves,
but now nearly every limb ends in a jagged light streak of brokenness
Poor trees.
They were my favourite thing about the street, and so beautiful in the summer/fall.
So I took my camera out and took some pictures, which sucked anyway.
And I looped the camera case around my arm instead of putting it back in my bag so that I could walk and take more pictures if necessary.
But I got to the bus stop, which some goof parked his car in front of,
so I ran to the next one so the bus wouldn't have any excuse to pass by me.
Barely got on the bus
and my phone rang.
So I sit down, answer the phone.
Somehow I must have unlooped the camera case from my arm.
Because when I got off to transfer,
I did the unconscious "do I have everything" check
but since I now was carrying a phone in my hand,
I didn't feel like anything was missing (still 3 items).
Funny how my brain works like that.

So I realized as soon as the bus pulled away,
and I called translink. It took forever to get through, but I finally talked to someone.
She said there's no way they can get ahold of the individual bus drivers right then; it was a 1.5 hour wait just to connect to their radios or something.
Because of poor stressed translink's inadequate preparation for a little snow.
But anyway
She said to call lost property.
And I did, and nothing's there.
So the driver took it, or someone else.
What happened to honesty in the world?
Of course it's completely my fault for leaving it on there,
but what happened to people returning things? I mean, they don't want my pictures of trees, and from Halloween. I want those pictures.

So that was lame and embarrassing and it's pretty much gone forever.
Gives me an excuse to buy a new one,
but again with my lack of monetary options.
And it's Christmas soon, and I wanted pictures from Christmas.
So he hasn't called me yet. I think he got lost.
Actually, I think his phone is off (because I just got the answering machine).
He is very good at leaving his phone off at the right times.
And... last night I was debating coming to school at all.
So maybe he thinks I didn't... even though I concluded that I would.

That's enough moaning about nothing.
I think it's time I find something constructive to do.
Or to drink.
Like a coffee.

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